Royal Caribbean Genies Take Action to Swerve Health Danger

Royal Caribbean Genies Take Action to Swerve Health Danger

Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Posted March 9, 2019

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The Royal Caribbean cruise line offers its passengers an extra special day to enhance their journey but huge demands such as these require the crew going above and beyond. The onboard Royal Genies make all your travel dreams come true. From one of a kind adventure, an onshore adventure or a tailor-made spa experience you are assured to never forget the whole experience. The loyal and magical crew bend over backward to make sure that even the biggest wish is granted.

Other duties fulfilled by the Genies include something as simple as making sure a customer’s bottle of wine is perfectly chilled for them in their cabin or helping craft the ultimate date night.

The number one Genie added: “All Royal Genies undergo training, including an extensive course from the British Butler Institute, and as a result, we are always looking at attention to detail and the ways that we can enhance the holiday experience of guests, guiding them through a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

“I treasure all of my ‘extended family’ and we are all often very sad to wave goodbye to each other at the end of the holiday, so many guests like to keep in touch and let me know when they are joining us on the ship again!

“What makes me stand out is I am the very first Royal Genie at RCI so that makes my Magic Lamp the oldest Royal Genie residence in the fleet.

The Royal Caribbean Genie

The oldest, most experienced Genie for the cruise line talked about an experience of how some of his fairytale roles come with issues. Reyno Varkevisser, Royal Genies on Symphony of the Seas, spoke exclusively to about creating personalized VIP experiences in and out of the cabin.

Talking of his trickiest moment yet, he confessed borders were crossed to make his customers happy. Reyno said, “I once had a family with four children who each had several completely different allergies, so we had to source products for them from their home country, as well as the countries we visited.

It was an operation of epic proportion, but we knew it meant the world to these Star Class guests for their children to not to be restricted by their allergies and to have the confidence that their children would be well looked after.

“Fortunately, on the world’s largest ship we have some of the world’s most knowledgeable crew and the Inventory team, in this case, rose to the occasion. We made sure that the family all left very happy guests, having made incredible memories on their family holiday.”

The Royal Caribbean International is adding a ton of new extras to boost the luxury level of its suites. These new extras include complimentary specialty dining, VOOM internet, and an ultimate beverage package and of course our favorite part, a Royal Genie to grant every wish. Travelers looking to travel in luxury and get to smell the high seas as you have a Genie ready to grant you every wish this is the ultimate cruise for you.

Source:  Express

This article was written exclusively for World Footprints by Victor Kanake.

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