Tania Banerjee

Tania Banerjee

Tania Banerjee is a travel writer from Mumbai who chases stories on destinations, communities, arts and crafts and food. She runs a travels blog Azure Sky Follows with her husband. She writes extensively on India. You can follow her on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Articles by Tania Banerjee

  • The air hangs heavy with moisture. The illusion of stillness is the prelude before the story unfolds. Frowns appear in the sky. 2,000 years ago, the dramatic sky would have convinced the inhabitants of God’s wrath. Redundant chimneys of the slate-roofed houses stand as remnants of the past, but they are not the only ones here.

  • Sunlight streamed in as I parted the window curtains of the double-decker luxury bus my husband and I were taking from Mumbai to the popular summer destination of Mahabaleshwar, 264 kilometers East of India’s biggest city. Outside, low-hanging tufts of clouds touched the opulent carpet of green that rolled down the hills.

  • A flood of flat-roofed buildings stands in sharp contrast to the blurry outlines of the distant hills. A chaos of dish TV antennas rules the rooftops. Several minarets of mosques stab the horizon. In southeastern Turkey, just 56 kilometres away from the Syrian border, from the window of my accommodation, I watch the city of Sanliurfa thrive. Though inhabited since the Stone Age, the city was founded by Seleucus I Nicator in 304 BCE. Throughout history Sanliurfa has been known by various names like Seleucid, Edessa, and most recently, Urfa. Following the Turkish War of Independence, several cities having a great role in the war were honoured with titles. The title of ‘Sanli’ meaning ‘glorious’ preceded Urfa. I reminisce my entry into Sanliurfa. The rolling hills covered with green pistachio farms had merged with the plains, when the city erupted with concrete buildings, partitioned by lanes, curling away in various [...]