Kimberly Stone

Kimberly Stone

Kimberly Stone is a Plus-size model who took to entrepreneurship at a young age after being encouraged by her family to start something of her own. She began sewing as a child and started off selling designs and accessories to friends at church and school. During her gifted classes as an anchor, she learned to read for the news. As a sports reporter in high school, Kimberly Stone filmed and edited her own stories.

Her love for art, fashion, design, and media led her to start POSHGLAM, a luxury outlet in college, paying homage to talented designers in the space. With lots of humor, and footprints in over 147 countries, POSHGLAM is positioned as the international go-to platform for fashion devotees and hopefuls.

Kimberly Stone has given advice and been featured in Yahoo!ForbesThe Washington Post, Business InsiderSuccess.comOpen, and many others.

As a hands-on entrepreneur, her time is spent exploring new opportunities for the POSHGLAM brand, working on her brokerage daunt, and dreaming up future business ventures with like-minded peers and associates.

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