Jason Dowd

I think I captured a ghost on film!!!  – Paranormal investigator and photographer Jason Dowd says “probably not”

Jason is an international exhibiting artist and photographer, and when he’s not making art, he follows his other passion, Paranormal Investigating. Throughout his life Jason has encountered many “so called” ghosts, and has had many personal experiences himself.  His expertise in the group is video and picture evidence.

Jason has debunked many alleged photo and video captures of ghosts.  He takes the stance that things can be explained, it’s not necessarily paranormal – attacking the evidence from a scientific point of view while embracing his religious beliefs.  He knows the light tricks flash makes and that orbs may not be a true ghost.  With over 21 years behind a camera he an expert on this topic.

Jason has been seen on ABC and FOX, his work has hung internationally, he photographed the only primary campaign stop for Sen. Obama in Tampa, and his picture of a Coca-Cola Pinup hangs in their corporate office in Atlanta, GA.

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