Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is an award winning travel content creator and Founder of Chubby Diaries. He is also the host of the National Geographic show, Never Say Never.

A true renaissance man, this musically gifted travel journalist is also a speaker and philanthropist. Jeff Jenkins has been featured in several notable publications such as Forbes, New York Times, Google, Travel Noire, Essence, The Matador Network, and Facebook. He helps people travel the world no matter their weight and height through community, branded content, and motivational talks. You can expect 100% authenticity, transparency, and lots of fun. While being a full time content creator, Jeff Jenkins also co-founded a sustainable well project in Rwanda back in 2017. He has a skill of drawing out big dreams in people and every time you are around him you can expect to enjoy yourself! Jeff’s enthusiastic personality, charisma, and contagious big smile makes him one of a kind!

Jeff Jenkins is also Co-founder of Black Travel Alliance, and has sat on The Points Guy Advisory Panel. He has created a community that encourages and motivates plus-size people to travel the world. Jeff is helping plus-size people and Black people feel represented in the travel industry. Jeff Jenkins is 35 years old, is the penman behind the blog, Instagram account, and growing online community Chubby Diaries, which he created in 2018 to help other bigger-bodied people as well as people of color navigate the challenges that come up when they travel.

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