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Josh Wolff

Josh Wolff

Josh Wolff is the founder of the Nomading Film Festival.  He says his uncle passed the travel bug to him at an early age and from that time he has traveled and lived around the world.  He shares his life journey from a first person perspective: “I’ve been in the education world for over ten years, from teaching literacy and mathematics to 6th graders in the Bronx to producing the first Discovery Educator Abroad program around the Pacific Rim to my current position as a technology staff developer where I work with teachers and administrators in helping push schools in Manhattan into the 21st century. My passion for learning about other places and people was the impetus for the founding of Nomading Films. My experience in production consists of producing non-fiction media for a variety of documentary and NGO outlets; From producing video diaries with ex-child soldiers in northern Uganda, to short films for an NGO working in post-earthquake Haiti as well as vignettes for Verizon’s FiOS television network. I’m also directing the feature documentary film “My Village, My Lobster”. Shot over four years, the film deals with the perilous job of lobster diving off the remote northeast coast of Nicaragua. In further bridging my love for travel, education, and filmmaking, I co-founded MyDigiStory. MyDigiStory is an international organization bridging literacy and filmmaking with a focus on digital storytelling with the worlds most at-risk and underrepresented youth. Piloted in Nablus, Palestine, MyDigiStory looks to set its sights on the African continent and New York. The Nomading Film Festival is the natural manifestation of two of my passions; traveling and filmmaking. What I love most about being a Nomad is stepping out of context; that, and getting lost.”

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