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Ruth Dearnley

Ruth Dearnley with Stop the Traffick

Ruth Dearnley has been Chief Executive Officer of STOP THE TRAFFIK since May 2008.  Her vision is to inspire transformation in communities and lead a strategic response to human trafficking worldwide. With a law degree and a background in education, Ruth has spent the last 20 years communicating creatively and inspiring and facilitating others to transform the world around them, starting in their local community.

Involved with STOP THE TRAFFIK from its inception in September 2005, Ruth began by creating and delivering the communications strategy for the STOP THE TRAFFIK global campaign against people trafficking resulting in thousands of individuals taking to their streets in their communities and becoming active campaigners.  In February 2008 STOP THE TRAFFIK delivered over one and half million of its own declaration to the first United Nations global forum to fight people trafficking in Vienna where all 192 countries were present. After the Vienna forum STOP THE TRAFFIK was given the role of UN.GIFT Special Advisor for Community Action against Human Trafficking to facilitate global change.  Ruth is now leading STOP THE TRAFFIK, building a global team of activists across the world, reaching across all continents, empowering communities in the prevention of people trafficking.    Ruth has served for 7 years as a company director of a national charity (Spring Harvest) that delivers a yearly major event for 40,000 people in the UK, the largest of its kind in Europe. Ruth co presents a weekly radio show.  She has been an advisor and project coordinator for educational national and local projects and worked in schools and universities as a teacher, lecturer and supervisor.  Ruth has a law degree, a PGCE in Primary Education and a Licensed Lay Reader in the Church of England.

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