William Dreyer

William Dreyer

The late William “Bill”  Dreyer was the director and curator for The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection. He was recognized as the leading authority on The Art of Dr. Seuss, with research focused on prominent public and private collections including The Dr. Seuss Estate, The Dr. Seuss Archives at the University of California San Diego, The Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, as well as important private collections.

As a 20-year art world veteran, William Dreyer had spent the past decade researching the life and art of Theodor Seuss Geisel. “Though Seuss’s most lasting legacy remains his inimitable impact on children’s literacy, we are just now cracking open the door to his influence throughout the modern art world. Ted Geisel’s artistic legacy continues to cross over generations and genres, while singularly impacting the worlds of art, literature, pop and high culture.  Many of today’s top talents pay tribute to Dr. Seuss as a key influence in their own artistic development.”

A frequent lecturer on the art and life of Dr. Seuss, Dreyer managed and curated Dr. Seuss art exhibitions hosted at galleries and museums around the world. In December of 2011, William Dreyer and Chase Art Companies announced the publication of Secrets of the Deep: The Lost, Forgotten, and Hidden Works of Theodor Seuss Geisel. This deluxe volume comprises the most comprehensive survey of Dr. Seuss’s nearly seventy-year artistic legacy. Dreyer played a key part in the fine art publishing world by advancing standards in the print market and is a former member of the Art Publishers Association, having served on both the Steering Committee and the Standards Committee.

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