LEGACY SHOW: Journey to Antarctica

LEGACY SHOW: Journey to Antarctica


Aired on December 17, 2009

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that we produced under our old name Travel’n On and before re-branding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS. Travel writers JS Fletcher and Kathy Newbern will share their experience.

Tonya and Ian will chat with fellow travel journalists JS Fletcher and Kathy Newbern about their recent trip to Antarctica.

After graduating from high school, Kathy Newbern started working as a journalist while attending college full-time. She started out as a staff writer for a weekly newspaper and by the age of 19 had worked her way up to the editor. She then moved on to managing editor at The Chapel Hill Newspaper and then chief in two different bureaus of The Charlotte Observer, where she oversaw the local tabloids. Kathy Newbern has also had communications positions with the Public Schools of North Carolina and the Duke University News Service.

JS Fletcher has achieved success as a writer throughout his life and has published short stories, essays, and poetry in addition to instructing writing at various levels. Additionally, he has invested effort in creating and promoting entertainment events. Kathy M. Newbern and JS Fletcher, a married couple who write about travel, live under the motto “every day’s a honeymoon if you make it one.” It should therefore come as no surprise that they focus on deluxe, high-end resorts, romantic vacation spots, cruises, and spas. They have traveled to more than 75 countries and have set foot on every continent. The Great Wall of China, Cape Horn, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and a Pyramid burial chamber have all been scaled by these adventurers. Their other job as romance authors for “YourNovel.com” is inspired by their travels.

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