“Light Works” Opening Reception at the Embassy of Finland | Celebrating Art and Farewells

Aired on July 10, 2013

We had the pleasure of attending the Opening Reception of “Light Works” at the Embassy of Finland, a captivating event celebrating the artistry of renowned Finnish artist Stefan Lindfors. The evening was a perfect blend of creativity and cultural exchange, set against the backdrop of the elegant embassy.

“Light Works” showcases Stefan Lindfors’ innovative use of light and form, offering a mesmerizing experience that highlights his unique artistic vision. The reception provided an intimate setting for guests to appreciate Lindfors’ work, engage in insightful conversations about art, and enjoy the vibrant cultural atmosphere.

The evening was also marked by a bittersweet farewell to Ambassador Pikka Lintu and his wife Laurel. Their warm hospitality and dedication to fostering Finnish-American relations have left a lasting impact, making this farewell a poignant moment for all attendees.

Join us in celebrating the intersection of art and diplomacy at the “Light Works” Opening Reception. Experience the beauty of Finnish art and the heartfelt goodbyes to beloved diplomatic figures.

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