4 Reasons You Should Support Your Family Members Overseas in Africa

4 Reasons You Should Support Your Family Members Overseas in Africa

African mother|African student

Posted February 2, 2020

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Having a family is truly one of the best feelings in the world. Your family is there for you when things look bleak, they provide the best guidance and advice when needed, and they will support you like no one else will.  But that support also goes both ways.  Those who live in a developed country like the United States or England are often called on to support family members in developing countries like Africa.  Not that a reason is needed to provide this support but here are four primary reasons for supporting family members in Africa.

1.    It’s Reciprocation

Unfortunately, not every child is blessed with parents. Parents should never be taken for granted. Their importance is invaluable to every child because they feed and provide shelter to their young, provide them with their primary education, and offer their protection in times of danger. Therefore, we need to reciprocate and help them when we are mature and grown-up. It’s about being fair; if they raised us when we were young, we should look after them when they are old and feeble. Reciprocation is essential and should be provided without hesitation.

2.    Access to Clean Water and Food

Did you know that 70% of water is used in the agricultural sector whereas only 10% is used for domestic purposes? This goes to say that a lot of water is used in the growth of crops. There is not enough clean water in Africa. To make matters worse, food is also scarce and costly. If you assist your family members living in Africa, you will be supporting them in getting access to potable water and food. Clean water keeps everyone healthy. Food is vital for meeting our daily dietary requirement so we don’t suffer from deficiencies in nourishments.

3.    No More Begging

Imagine having to beg for a basic necessity like food, water, and even shelter? No one would like to be in this situation. Your family, especially your parents, should never have to beg for anything. Imploring is something that will make you feel weak and worthless. It also ruins your self-respect and dignity. Many families in Africa have to beg in order to earn cash for food, water, shelter, education, medication and whatnot. If you send money online or through Western Union to your family, they will no longer have to beg. With money coming in your family will be relieved of tension.

4.    Access to Medication and Education

In case you have a sick family member at home, sending money becomes even more critical. This is because money is needed to pay for any medications required. Medical care itself is not free in Africa so money would be required for this too. Moreover, education is not free as well. Every child needs to be educated because it’s education that grooms us to be civilized citizens and to build better futures for ourselves and our home country. Therefore if you have younger siblings who need to go to school, sending money will certainly help them.

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