5 Foreign Countries To Visit When You’re On A Budget

5 Foreign Countries To Visit When You’re On A Budget

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Posted February 2, 2020

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When it comes to overseas/foreign /world travel, you may think you need a lot of money. You don’t, but if you’re unsure of where you can go for cheap, you’ll be delighted to know that there are all kinds of places in the world that you can visit that will turn that $1 into $10. With a little bit of foresight and careful planning, you can stretch the budget you have and have a great time.

Where can you go for or best options for world travel on a budget, where the dollar gives you more for less?


This is the country of waterfalls, glaciers, steaks and wine, and it’s an affordable vacation spot for travelers. Argentina is extremely diverse with a landscape that will take your breath away and a capital city that’s always jumping. In the past, it would cost $150 for a one-night stay at the hotel, but it’s less than half that now. On top of that, the prices of food are much less.


This country is known for its historic city centers and coastal ports, and its capital city is known for eclectic food markets, restaurant scene, variety of architecture and unusual museums. Between the months of April and October, there is a lot of festivals to enjoy. Worried about summer travels? Don’t be! An Airbnb lodging during the summer will run you around $35 a night or get a hotel room for as little as $80.


Many people enjoy visiting Mexico, including its Caribbean coastline. It’s got a vast restaurant scene and a booming capital city. You can check out Aztec sites or take in some shopping. Getting around the city will only cost you 25 cents for public transportation, And, staying at a four-star hotel will be around $100 a night or $50 a night for an Airbnb.


This is a popular vacation spot for all kinds of reasons – backpackers, culture lovers, foodies, etc. It’s home to the Sahara Desert, mountain ranges and exquisite beaches. You can walk the Sahara with a camel and sleep there if you want as well. Take in one of the beaches that overlook the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. You can also visit the Old City of Marrakesh and take in the sights there. You could spend anywhere from $20 a night in a hostel or around $75 a night in a four-star hotel.


This country certainly has a rich history with medieval architecture and old towns to view. It’s also got a lively city with fantastic mountain ranges to take in too. Poland has 16 United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Sites, has one of the world’s largest castles and all kinds of museums and history to see. It can cost $30 a night at an Airbnb or $150 a night at a five-star hotel. 

The best thing you can do is do your research for world travel, looking at ways to lower your overall costs. Also, make use of a travel rewards card to help you reduce the cost of your travels, but make sure it’s got no foreign transaction fees, so you don’t have a fee every time you use the card when you’re traveling. 

Krakow City Theatre, Poland. World Travel
Krakow City Theatre, Poland

This World Brief was written by contributor Susan Powell.  Source:  MSN

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