5 Tips To Enjoy A Spring Break Vacation Without Breaking The Budget

5 Tips To Enjoy A Spring Break Vacation Without Breaking The Budget

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Posted February 23, 2020

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Many prospective travelers enduring the wintertime blues look forward to Spring Break to get away from the cold and snow. However, most people stay home because of the mistaken impression that spring break vacation costs too much to get away.

Thankfully, this is a misconception.

If you need to get away from the day-to-day busyness of your lifestyle and hit the beach, explore a new state or country, or you just want to stay near home for your next vacation, you can do it. And, you can do it without spending a lot of money with some left for that summer vacation you had been planning.

Book The Spring Vacation Now

The right time to book for Spring Break is far an advance for it. All spring dates are not the same. Since springtime is the most common time to fly, airline prices are increasing. In fact, they’ll rise significantly the week of the break. Be sure to comparison shop for tickets and flights to get the best deal.

Fly On Less Expensive Days

Don’t travel on Fridays or Sunday, as those tend to be the most expensive days to fly. The best times are to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday and come back on a Saturday. The same flight can cost less on these days than they will on Friday and Sunday. While you don’t see the savings on all routes, it is something to be mindful of (same premise is true for hotels and other accommodations).

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Pick An Inexpensive Spring Vacation Spot

If you have a particular place in mind you want to go and saving money isn’t that big of a deal, then book the destination spot. However, if you just want to escape your busy life for a time, then know there are plenty of cheap options you can enjoy. Do your research on what you wouldn’t mind doing on vacation and come up with a few vacation spots to choose from.

Use A Carry-On Bag for Spring Break

There are three primary reasons to consider a carry-on bag over a large suitcase.

  • Airlines don’t usually charge for carry-on bag fees
  • You can keep them with you (no worry of them becoming lost)
  • You can take your bag and leave; no reason to wait at the baggage carousel

To save on space, weary the heavy items such as a coat and boots. You can always put your underwear, socks and other smaller items in the pockets.

Check Out The Freebies

Find out what freebies are being offered on your trip. For instance, do a Google search to find interesting places that you can check out for free such as a museum or local park, etc. You may be able to download coupons for local restaurants and bars.

Always consider using the public transit or shuttle systems to get from place to place. Some hotels tend to offer free rides to guests. If you don’t mind doing a little walking and everything is nearby, consider walking instead.

With a little bit of research and planning, you can have a cheap Spring Break vacation and take a second one in the summer.

This World Brief was written by contributor Susan Powell.  Source:  USA Today

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