Four Travel Trends We’ll See in the New Year

Four Travel Trends We’ll See in the New Year


Posted January 11, 2020

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The travel world has changed significantly in the last 10 years with the rise if responsible and increased international tourism. Today, people are more concerned than ever with green travel and the increase in carbon offsets for hotels with doing away with miniatures bottles and flying. There are many social media influencers talking about various locations to reduce over-tourism in the more popular destinations.

Are these travel trends sticking around for 2020? According to some experts and data, the four likely travel trends to remain in 2020 include:

Even Greener Travels

With airlines and hotels realizing people are all about eco-friendly travels, the chances for even greener travels is high. The industry has a bit of way before it goes entirely eco-friendly (if ever), but it’s making steps to becoming more so.

For instance, Marriott won’t be using single-use plastic toiletries, and Dubai airports will ban single-use plastic by 2020 end.

Before long, carbon-neutral and zero-waste will become an industry standard to ensure high-quality experiences. And, with the various technological advances in solar power and the rise of green products, luxury isn’t going to equate to wastefulness.

Visiting The Off-Beaten Paths 

Many places around the globe will always be a must-see and experience vacation, but some people are looking into areas that are not the usual spots. These are places where many tourists are beginning to look – locations that haven’t been subjected to over-tourism and cost less money.

With more people into saving money and exploring the great unknown, chances are this off beaten paths travel trend is not going to subside anytime soon.

New Transpiration Options 

With the rise in flying shame, people are turning to other travel options.

For example, domestic flights in Europe are down significantly thanks to a rise in climate change awareness. In France, the government has suggested a ban on internal flights.

More than half of travelers said they wouldn’t mind traveling longer if they used a greener method to get to their destination.

Motion-Based Travel

More and more people are taking part in motion-based travelings, such as bike riding or walk-throughs, with an increase in the number of these vacation types expected to increase. Some vacation options include biking the breathtaking places of Taiwan or Ireland or bike-to-boat vacations of Croatia and so much more to enjoy.

Written by contributor Susan Powell.  Source:  Forbes

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