Stay in an Edible Candy Cane House this Holiday Season

Stay in an Edible Candy Cane House this Holiday Season

Candy Cane House for Christmas

Posted December 10, 2019

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For people looking for something really unique to do this Christmas season, suggests its edible London booking – the Candy Cane House.

The Candy Cane House is located in the Soho neighborhood and is being offered for two guests for two nights. It’s designed for people who love sweets and want a unique vacation getaway location. Guests, upon their arrival, will receive several wreaths they can eat.

The whole comes across as the home from Hansel and Gretel, without the evil witch lady, with its sugar-snowy frontage and candy cane windows.

Guests will be given a complimentary gift box that includes sparkling wines with holiday treats that can be enjoyed in the Candy Lounge. If guests feel up to it, they can enjoy many of the home’s décor. The home is lined with eatable candy canes and baubles. Its Christmas tree also includes some edible treats.

When guests have filled their bellies with all these goodies, they can check out the bed of the Gingerbread Room, which includes a candy cane four-poster bed and a plethora of Christmas trees. These Christmas trees come with snacks as well – with chocolate pine cones that can be eaten.

And the goods keep on coming!

The home has a Coco-Kitchen! This a chocolate lover’s paradise with a bit of caramel thrown in for a sweeter touch. And, if things weren’t sweet enough, the bathroom offers candy cane soap and other confectionery décor to enjoy.

For guests to enjoy the house, they need to book immediately. Booking begins Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. for two nights – Dec. 18 and Dec. 19. If the Candy Cane House isn’t on someone’s agenda, they can always stay at the Vegemite house if they want.

Written by contributor Susan Powell.  Source:  Travel and Leisure

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