Wooden Airports in Russia let visitors go into a time-travelling experience

Wooden Airports in Russia let visitors go into a time-travelling experience

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Posted September 21, 2018

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For constant travellers airports are an unavoidable part of their world-exploring experience but it is not the most enjoyable part of traveling. 

Airports around the world are generally overcrowded, chaotic and stressful environments packed within a generic structure.  However, there are a few airports throughout the former Soviet Union that are aesthetically and conceptually different.  They are repurposed military bases that were used during WWII.  The wooden airports in Russia are still mostly functional and surprisingly beautiful, however it takes a grain of courage to fly into such places.

Solovetsky Islands

For those seeking an adventurous trip to the Solovetsky Islands in Russia, an archipelago located at the White Sea, the Solovetsky Airport offers a beautify gateway to the destination. Visitors to the Solovetsky Islands can discover one of the most important holy cities for the Russian Orthodox Church.  The UNESCO World Heritage site holds a 5th century Monastery built entirely of wood.

Nearby the Solovetsky Islands travellers also have the chance to visit Letnyaya Zolotitsa which means “Summer Gold”.  This small settlement has a population of 180 people and a larger colony of harp seals that bring visitors to land at the tiny wooden airport of Solovetsky in Russia.

Courtesy of Wikimedia

Khatanga Airport

The Khatanga Airport, another wooden airport in Russia, is another attractive gateway that brings passengers to the beautiful city of Uorgalan and the arctic region.  Khatanga Airport has flight services to the Siberian capital city Krasnoyarsk–the mandatory station for excursions over uninhabited areas of Northern Siberia.

Seymchan Airport

Another unique wooden airport in Russia is Seymchan.  Built in 1942, this airport is located in Magadan Oblast and boasts the most charming architecture.  The airport previously serviced the Alaska-Siberian air route during WWII for the delivery of supplies from the US when the nation was allied with the former Soviet Union.  Today, commercial helicopter trips to remote wilderness locations are operated from the airport.

There a few other airports like these throughout Russia. These wooden airports in Russia offer a unique opportunity for travellers to explore remote rare localities, enjoy incredible landscapes, experience interesting airport architecture and 20th century Russian history.

Wooden airport in Russia
Courtesy of Wikimapia.org

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