Edvinas Minkstimas

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  • World Footprints is pleased to introduce our partner, Pack for a Purpose.  Did you know that just by setting aside a small space in your suitcase—5 lbs worth of space—that you could supply crucial education materials or simple medical supplies to children around the world?  Our friend, Rebecca Rothney founded “Pack for a Purpose” on the belief that every traveler could have a positive and big impact on a community by donating just a little of their luggage space. Then, meet our good friend, oscar nominated director Robert Bob Bilheimer.  Bob Bilheimer is using his gift of film making to raise awareness about social, cultural, and humanitarian concerns.  His company, Worldwide Documentaries, brings to light the way the world is today—a world of small islands of wealth surrounded by vast oceans of poverty and despair. Bob Bilheimer's films include “cry of reason”, for which he was nominated for an academy award; [...]