Oscar nominee director Bob Bilheimer tackles social issues, Lithuanian musician and good Packing

Oscar nominee director Bob Bilheimer tackles social issues, Lithuanian musician and good Packing

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Aired on June 11, 2014

World Footprints is pleased to introduce our partner, Pack for a Purpose.  Did you know that just by setting aside a small space in your suitcase—5 lbs worth of space—that you could supply crucial education materials or simple medical supplies to children around the world?  Our friend, Rebecca Rothney founded “Pack for a Purpose” on the belief that every traveler could have a positive and big impact on a community by donating just a little of their luggage space.

Then, meet our good friend, oscar nominated director Robert Bob Bilheimer Bob Bilheimer is using his gift of film making to raise awareness about social, cultural, and humanitarian concerns.  His company, Worldwide Documentaries, brings to light the way the world is today—a world of small islands of wealth surrounded by vast oceans of poverty and despair. Bob Bilheimer‘s films include “cry of reason”, for which he was nominated for an academy award; “a closer walk” which examines the global response to the hiv/aids crisis; and most recently “Not My Life” which confronts one of World Footprints causes–the tradegy of human trafficking.

Finally, our dear friend Edvinas Minkstimas, one of Europe’s top emerging young pianist’s, joins us today.  Edvinas hails from Kaunas, Lithuania and he made his debut at the age of 14 with The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra .  Edvinas has won international acclaim and multiple awards including his most recent, the Belz-Parker Young Artist Award.  In addition to his impressive musical career, Edvinas is also the founder of Global Lithuanian Leaders, a nonprofit organization that has a mission to support Lithuanians all over the world.

Film director Robert Bilheimer

Robert Bilheimer, President of Worldwide Documentaries, Inc., is a director, writer, and producer with an international background in film, theatre, journalism, and creative writing. Robert’s films focus on subjects of cultural, social, and humanitarian interest. In 1989, he received his profession’s highest honor—an Academy Award nomination—for Cry of Reason, a feature-length documentary that tells the story of South African anti-apartheid leader Beyers Naude.

Pianist Edvinas Minkstimas

Edvinas Minkstimas is widely regarded as one of Europe’s top emerging young pianists, one whose extensive repertory, solid technique and musical expression have led him to performances throughout Europe and North America. A native of Kaunas, Lithuania, Minkstimas claims his early artistic influences from the world of Nordic poetry, Baltic mythology and other romantic images. Known especially for his repertory of romantic music by Liszt, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, and thrilling audiences with the Paris virtuosos music by Alkan, Thalberg and Herz, Minkstimas also pleases with Bach, Ligeti and Piazolla. Edvinas is very involved with social and charitable causes including the Global Lithuanian Leadership (GLL), a non-profit organization that he founded.  The GLL has recently created a Lithuanian tourism initiative.

Rebecca Rothney, founder of Pack for a Purpose

Rebecca Rothney is founder and chairperson of Pack for a Purpose®™, a newly- founded nonprofit organization dedicated to providing needed educational materials and simple medical supplies to children around the world. Pack for a Purpose is founded on the belief that individual travelers want to make a difference in the lives of others and small quantities of supplies, over time, have a big impact. The idea for Pack for a Purpose evolved from Rebecca’s travels in Africa with her husband Scott. On their second trip they had the opportunity to visit an elementary school. Working with Wilderness Safaris to find out what supplies were most needed, they brought 150 pounds of supplies to the children at the school. Seeing the students playing with the first soccer ball the school had ever had, and watching the principal’s joy at receiving the first rulers was a powerful experience for them.  By asking travelers to pack just 5 pounds (2.27 kgs.) of supplies, every traveler could easily get involved without the need for logistical support. That amount would take only a small space, require little effort, and still make a big impact.

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