Rick Steves “For the Love of Europe” and his Travel-Driven Social Ethos

Rick Steves “For the Love of Europe” and his Travel-Driven Social Ethos

Cinque Terre Italy

Aired on May 4, 2021

Silver Seal - 29th NATJA Awards

Today on World Footprints, we welcome back, author and television host, Rick Steves.  We enjoy a very thought-provoking discussion about a range of topics from the current pandemic and social issues to the challenging issues facing the travel industry today. Discover Europe with Rick Steves as he shares his travel experiences and more.

Rick generally spends 100 days a year in Europe but like the rest of us he is stuck at home.  However, Rick treated us to a virtual trip through the pages of his newest book For the Love of Europe”.  As you listen to this interview you will be transported to many of Rick’s favorite places and you meet some of the delightful and fascinating people he has encountered along the way.  

“We need to get to know the world better…The most frightened people in the world are those who don’t have passports.”

Rick Steves

You’ll also learn about the things that have motivated Rick Steves, what he sees as his mission and you’ll understand why he sees travel as an imperative for all of humanity. See and experience Europe with Rick Steves through his newest book.

We promise that your travel bug will awaken in a thoughtful and insightful way and that you’ll be inspired, entertained and informed by our conversation with Rick Steves.

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