Angling for more than Piranha in Brazil

Angling for more than Piranha in Brazil

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Posted July 9, 2016

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Do you love to fish?  If so, we’ve discovered a new fishing hotspot that has been under the radar for years.  Most fishing enthusiasts think of traveling to the following destinations to drop a hook in first:

  • Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Belize
  • Maldini, Kenya
  • Key West, Florida
  • Panama

However, the country of Brazil has been a hidden and treasured angling mecca for those fishermen in the know.


Why Brazil For Your Fishing Needs?

When people talk about Brazil, they often focus on its beautiful beaches, surfing, wild Rio de Janeiro festivals, deep forest and the unsurpassed Amazon River.  Brazilian rivers, however, are ideal for a relaxing adventure. And, it’s because of this that more and more people are coming to the country to fish in at least one of its many rivers such as the Xingu River, Amazon River, etc.

Fishing Along The Xingu River…

If you want a good deal for fishing along the Xingu River, High Hook Fishing Tours has some decent packages. Tourists will be put up at the all-inclusive Xingu River Lodge, located about 40 miles from Altamira. The Xingu River Lodge takes great care of its guests, employing the best chefs and housekeepers.

Each fishing guide they employ is well-versed in a particular strength – bait-casting, fly-fishing, etc. They can take you surubim, catfish or peacock bass fishing – sure to be an exciting fishing adventure you’ll want to partake in.

Fishing Along The Amazon River…

If you want to fish the largest freshwater system in the world, then you need to visit the Amazon Basin.   The natural beauty of river is worth the trip alone.

Casting a fishing line on the Amazon River.

One of the more popular fishing tour operators in the area is Ron Speed’s Adventures.  This company embarks on fishing tours aboard the Amazon’s largest houseboat, a four-deck Otter houseboat. With Ron Speed’s Adventures, you can enjoy angling for the peacock bass – a very feisty freshwater fish.  The challenge of pulling in a peacock bass is one of the things fishers love about catching this fish.

Fishing Along The Agua Boa River…

If you’re more of a fly-fisher, then you’ll want to do some fly-fishing on the Agua Boa River. You’ll want to stay at the Royal Amazon Lodge, which is the Amazon only fly-fishing peacock bass lodge in the area. The lodge also hires only the best guides to travel with their guests if they want. The best thing is that the lodge’s fishing program is quite flexible to your desires.

More Information about Fishing in Brazil:

Here’s a few fun facts and other information that will help you plan your fishing trip to Brazil:

  • The Xingu River is found in northern Brazil and runs 1,640km. It’s the Amazon River’s southeast tributary
  • There are several fishing tour operators, ranging in price from $700 to $3,000, for the Amazon river such as:
  1. Acute Angling
  2. Amazon Adventures
  3. Amazon Hawk Hunter
  4. Capt. Peacock
  5. Ron Speed Adventures
  • Peacock Bass fishing season begins Sept. 20 and lasts until Nov. 5.
  • If you like catfish, you can catch an array of types like:
  1. Caparari
  2. Filhote
  3. Pariarara
  4. Surubim

Brazil may not rank high up in the world for fishing, and that’s the reason it’s often overlooked. Everybody knows about the Amazon River and Rio de Janeiro, but they forget about the other treasures that it has to offer. Don’t be that person! If you want to do some fishing off the beaten path, then consider Brazil and discover the gems that have been hidden here for far too long.



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