Tonya Fitzpatrick: Pursuing a Dream Beyond Corporate Borders | TEDx Talk

Aired on April 19, 2017

Would you leave a stellar corporate career, large salary, and jeopardize your health and safety to pursue a childhood dream?

Tonya Fitzpatrick, co-founder of World Footprints, did just that. From a very young age, Tonya knew she was destined to travel the world. What she didn’t know then was how her passion for travel would evolve into a multi-award-winning media company that shares our common humanity and bridges cultural gaps.

In her inspiring TEDx talk, Tonya shares her journey from a successful corporate career to becoming a travel entrepreneur. Learn how her love for travel and commitment to cultural understanding led to the creation of World Footprints, a platform that celebrates diversity and promotes global unity.

Watch this TEDx talk to be inspired by Tonya’s story of courage, passion, and the transformative power of travel.

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