Outpost Camp To Send Chile Tourists To Remote, But Spectacular Areas

Outpost Camp To Send Chile Tourists To Remote, But Spectacular Areas

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Posted July 5, 2019

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Outpost, a luxury pop-up camp, has been set up in Aysen, which is a remote area of northern Patagonia, to help people reach some of Chile’s less traveled tourist locations.

Travel company Upscale is responsible for coming up with the camp. The goal is to change how visitors) experience the country in South America. The majority of people tend to visit areas such as Torre del Paine National Park and the Colchagua Valley wine region. Outpost will give these individuals a chance to explore other parts of Chile they never considered initially.

Aysen provides an experience like no other with its authentic experiences. Guests can spend their time hiking or fly-fishing. They can partake in various adventures of the Patagonia National Park, which extends across 65,000 acres of the Chacabuco Valley and adjacent Tamango and Jeinimeni National Reserves.

The camp moves around to various locations, accommodating up to 16 people in eight private tents. These tens include cooling and insulation technology along with bathroom facilities.

Outpost sets up in Aysen for March and April, and then go to the Elqui Valley until October. Then, it’s seen in Maule Valley on a 5,000-acre private farm and orchard. During this time, visitors can hike, bike and venture into other regions of Chile like the coastal town Pichilemu.

Brian Pearson, the founder of Upscale, said the hope is to mitigate the damage over tourism has had on the country’s sensitive landscape by enticing visitors to see other less seen parts of Chile.

He said the Outpost camps don’t have much structure to them, which allows them to get rid of any evidence of their being set up when they get ready to move on. Pearson said destinations are chosen based on the landscapes and experiences that are similar to the popular spots but allows guests to enjoy the area without the copious crowds.

This World Brief was written by Susan Powell exclusively for World Footprints.

Source:  Travel and Leisure

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