Creating “The Great Outdoors” while stuck indoors

Creating “The Great Outdoors” while stuck indoors

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Aired on June 1, 2020

Photography represents memories, creativity, and art. Depending on the photograph itself, it can take you to a whole new experience and may even have a story to tell. For today’s episode, our guest is Erin Sullivan from Erin Outdoors. She is a photographer and food blogger based out in Los Angeles.

During this pandemic Erin created a challenge called #OurGreatIndoors.  This challenge called for other creative and travelers who were under stay-at-home orders to create outdoor using common household items.   Erin told us that these miniature outdoor sets is helping to satisfy her wanderlust and keep her creative juices flowing.

Erin shows us that a photograph isn’t always what it appears to be but that it still has the power to transport you to a place that’s as vast as the imagination.

Join World Footprints as we explore the great outdoors while indoors with photographer Erin Sullivan of Erin Outdoors.

The backstory to Erin’s Blog


In Erin’s early 20s, her job was as a tour guide, leading teenagers’ trips. Erin calls this Extreme babysitting. Throughout her job as a tour guide, she realized the importance of knowing other cultures and stepping out of her comfort zone. The name outdoors on ‘Erin Outdoors’ may refer to two things: The first is due to her love for the outdoors, and the second one is due to the step on going out of your comfort zone.

How Erin Made an Outdoor Experience in Her Own Home


The pandemic hindered Erin from going outside and traveling to different places. Unfortunately, also California went on lockdown during mid-March. When hiking trails were still open, she had a quiet meditation, reconnecting to all of her passion. During her stay at home, she was reminded of something from her childhood that inspired her to create outdoor adventures inside their house using household objects.


Erin starts the project by brainstorming ideas to make. Sometimes she uses food to eat it afterward, taking a picture of them.

Erin Soul Country


Erin chose Greece as her soul country. The country feels like home to her, equipped with a sense of peace and joy. Her first trip to Greece was in 2012, and she was a trip leader during that time.


Since 2017, Erin has led trips to Greece a few times a year. Due to Erin’s connection with other guides, she can schedule trips aligned with what she and the readers want.

Enjoying Travelling Apart from Work


Social media usage is evident these days. People share their daily lives with other people. Erin thinks it is important to learn while traveling, learn about the culture and their beliefs. You must also be mindful of your surroundings.

Erin’s Pre-Pandemic Travel


Before COVID-19 happened, Erin was shooting for a Rei Miniseries called ‘In Our Nature.’ The series aims to show the future of the outdoor. The filming locations were mainly within the country, which made her realize the travel opportunities within the state.

Erin’s View about Post-Pandemic


Erin thinks that it is hard to predict what will happen soon. However, she assumes that it’s most likely close to home for now. Some people will even be afraid to travel due to its risks, and Erin thinks that masks would be more common. The pandemic has been challenging for Erin as she struggles to keep the travel spirit alive.


Erin developed a new sense of gratitude during her stay at home. She remembers that when she travels, she takes home for granted. When traveling, she misses home, and now she’s home, she misses traveling.


Erin is a fan of slower travel. She doesn’t tally all the countries she’s been to because she goes back to them a lot of times to form a deeper connection with them.

Erin’s Plans Once Restrictions are Lifted


As Erin is in Southern California, they have beaches open for recreation. She’s excited to lay on the beach. Erin also looks forward to going back to Greece—her soul country. She also plans on having a road trip along California.

Who Would Erin Bring to Her Travels?


Erin wants to bring Anthony Bourdain along with her travels. She sees him as her hero and has been looking up to him for a long time.

Learn more about Erin Sullivan at:


  • Rosemary Forest photo by Erin Sullivan
  • Taking the PanCanyon by Erin Sullivan
  • Paper bag canyon by Erin Sullivan
  • Jello Lake by Erin Sullivan
Erin Sullivan head shot

Erin Sullivan is a photographer and writer passionate about the outdoors, meaningful travel, and living deliberately. She uses her online platform, Erin Outdoors, to show the beauty and complexity of the world we live in, and to encourage genuine connection to the outdoors, culture, people and wildlife.

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