New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2014: History and Voodoo (Hour 2)

New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2014: History and Voodoo (Hour 2)

Charmaine Neville at FQF

Aired on October 25, 2014

World Footprints returned to New Orleans for our 7th annual French Quarter Festival (FQF) 2-hour broadcast.  This year we set up at Tableau Restaurant, Dickie Brennan’s newest culinary gem in Jackson Square.  This second hour of our FQF broadcast explores the unique history of New Orleans with two prominent professors from the University of New Orleans.    The diverse heritages of the people of New Orleans makes this city very unique, interesting and alive with traditions that are not found in any other city in the country.  New Orleans is a place where Africans intermingled with Native Americans and european settlers ultimately creating a sustainable culture that distinguishes New Orleans today.  

Dr. Mary Mitchell, History Professor at UNO, joins us to discuss the African contributions to the city and the dynamics that slavery played in the development and culture of this city.   Most people don’t equate compassion and beauty when they think of Voodoo, but  Voodoo historian, Professor Martha Ward, says that is what she discovered when she first began researching the practice.  Prof. Ward is a Professor Emeritus at UNO and author of the book, Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau, the only academic account of the famous New Orelans voodoo priestess and her daughter, Marie Laveau II.  Professor Ward  offers a Voodoo history lesson and her belief that Hollywood and media have incorrectly racialized and stigmatized Voodoo.  Want more? Enjoy our FQF 2014 hour one discussion of New Orleans art and history or listen to our other live broadcasts from New Orleans.

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