A whirligig from the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick

Radio Highlight

June 20, 2017

Join us as we experience the art of central and eastern North Carolina and get a history lesson aboard the Confederate Ironclad ship the CSS Neuse II. Plus, Learn the secrets of barbeque from a master cook...on World Footprints radio.

June 19, 2017

I gaze in awe out the window of the old 15-passanger van that serves as a bus. Just inches from the narrow concrete road, a carpet of green treetops sweeps dramatically downward and ends abruptly in...

June 15, 2017
Mountain Gorilla of Uganda

Although located in the very heart of East Africa, Uganda is much less visited than most countries in East Africa and receives just a fraction of the visitors who arrive in neighboring Kenya each...

June 11, 2017
Photo taken by Ji Dong

The journey from Beijing to Taiyuan took just over three hours. After the early start in the organised chaos and crowded atmosphere of Beijing South railway station, the calm of the scrubbed spotless...

May 28, 2017
Burundi village

It’s evening in the small African nation of Burundi, and the waning sun throws shadows over the city of Bujumbura. In the old Land Rover, we bump and jostle our way through the crowded dirt roads of...