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Claudia Oxee

Author Claudia Oxee

After leaving war-torn Germany, Claudia Oxee and her family immigrated to New York in the early 50′s with German and Ukrainian being my principle languages. At an early age Claudia was already enamored with cultural diversity. Throughout her many years of stringent parochial schooling, she traveled extensively.  Among the myriad of memories, her fondest was living in Vienna, Austria with her daughter. There, Claudia taught middle school, with her daughter being one of her students. Upon returning to the US, a contentious divorce ensued and as a single mom, Claudia secured a full-time modeling job in New York City’s fur district. After several years and despite her lucrative income, in 1985 she traded in the furs for a uniform and the runway for a jetway.  Claudia’s impassioned career began at JFK Airport. TWA, Iberia and Pan Am were her stepping stones before being promoted to the position of Station Manager for a German based carrier, LTU International Airways (now Air Berlin). In semi-retirement, Claudia has written several articles and stories for magazines, however, Tales” From The Tarmac is her first book-writing venture… with a sequel to follow entitled “Tales” From The Tarmac Too. Guest speaking engagements and radio talk shows keep her busy but she is still involved in the airline industry as a Crew Accommodation Consultant. Claudia lives on the East End of Long Island, New York and now shares her passion for travel with her new husband of ten years and amazing grandchildren. Claudia has made numerous guest speaking appearances, book signings, and countless radio talk shows nationwide. She has received invitations from CNN, Fox Friends, and NBC, among others. She was also mentioned in articles (both on paper and digitally) such as Huffington Post, L.A. Times, and Airport Press.

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