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Kirsten Gum

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Kirsten Gum
Kirsten Gum

Kirsten Gum is versatile and charismatic, with a vivacious on-screen presence. But Kirsten is not just another pretty face — even if she was voted the sexiest woman in Charlotte, N.C. twice. Her trip to the top has been a quick one. Kirsten began her broadcasting career at age 23 as a news reporter in Jefferson City, Missouri, and paid her dues in a number of markets as she sprinted through the ranks. Her ease in front of the camera comes from years of experience covering a wide range of world-class events: form NASCAR and the Tour de France to ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, the PBR World Championships, World Cup Skiing and the grueling three-week off-road race through Africa – the Dakar Rally. An Alaskan native currently living in Los Angeles, when she’s not searching for cash and treasures, Kirsten can be found hiking, cycling, snowboarding, scuba diving, kayaking, horseback riding or surfing.  Click here to visit her website

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