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Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong

Kwame Nkruman-Acheampong was the only member of the Ghana ski team at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010

Kwame Nkruman-Acheampong is known as “The Snow Leopard”.  He qualified for the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 and was the only representative from Ghana. Being from African heritage and from a country without snow makes his participation particularly special, he is the first skier from Ghana and one of only a handful from the African continent. What makes Kwame’s dream and journey to the Olympics even more incredible is that he only starting skiing just over 5 years ago. (Note: Kwame expressed that he was going ski his best during his slolum run but that his goal was not to finish in last place.  Kwame finished second to last in the Games.) Learn more about Kwame

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