Stacy Jewel Lewis

Stacy Jewel Lewis

Stacy Jewell Lewis is an actress, playwright and survivor of human trafficking turned dynamic speaker who motivates audiences around the world to stand against injustice and create purpose out of life’s experiences. As a survivor of domestic sex trafficking, Stacy used her dramatic life experiences and turned back her roots in the arts to find a sense of solace. She found that her greatest strength was through her creative expression and continues to use her gift to speak truth and wow audiences of all backgrounds.

From her Spoken Word piece 10 years & 1 Day to her one woman play 7 Layers Captive, Stacy Jewell Lewis has mesmerized audiences across America. Using her powerful voice and dynamic creative expression, Stacy captivates the soul with every performance. Stacy believes that entertainment and media are powerful forms in creating public awareness and helping survivors & advocates find their voice through creative expression is vital to the movement of ending modern day slavery. ​Stacy Jewell Lewis is a sought after Motivational Speaker with Survivors of Slavery Speakers Bureau, the National Survivor Network, and WhoisStolen Creative Arts Troupe which she founded. Now using her powerful presentations to advise state agencies and non-profit organizations across the country, Stacy has dedicated herself to standing up for the rights of victims everywhere.

If you’d like to see where and when you can experience one of Stacy’s powerful theatrical performances follow her on Facebook and Twitter @WhoIsStolen.

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  • World Footprints will present two powerful stories of survival from unlikely human trafficking victims and how they’re using their ordeals to support other victims and raise awareness about this elusive crime.  We will also share the story of a former Peace Corp volunteer whose experience inspired the development of a new community-based adventure travel resource. Holly Smith is not what many think a human trafficking survivor would look like.  She’s a blond American and was raised in a middle-class two parent home.  But when Holly was only 14 years old she was taken from her home planted immediately into the sex trade.  The trafficking incident was traumatic enough but Holly was also traumatized by the lack of support she received from law enforcement and social services after she escaped. Stacy Jewel Lewis was a 19 year old student and aspiring actress when she was abducted by an elderly man who [...]