Steven Unger

Steven Unger

Steven P. Unger has traveled extensively in North and South America, Western Europe, Israel, and Romania.  His travels have produced several books including his latest, In the Footsteps of Dracula:  A Personal Journey and Travel Guide.

Mr. Unger was one of a handful of white students at a black college, Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, and a member of the Bear Tribe, a California commune that tried sharecropping, goat herding, and living in teepees—and failed spectacularly at everything.  These adventures and many more (the fortuitous result of having kept a journal at the time) are described in Dancing in the Streets, to be released this spring from Anaphora Literary Press.

He also wrote the accompanying text and Preface for Before the Paparazzi:  Fifty Years of Extraordinary Photographs (World Audience, Inc.)  which includes over 250 pictures taken by Arty Pomerantz, staff photographer and assignment editor for the New York Post from the 1960s through the early 1990s.

Steven P. Unger lives in Elk Grove, California with his fiancée Paula and their two cats.


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