LEGACY SHOW: Immersion Travel USA and “Bucket List” Destinations

LEGACY SHOW: Immersion Travel USA and “Bucket List” Destinations

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Aired on January 8, 2009

This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that we produced under our old name Travel’n On and before rebranding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS.

If, on your travels through the USA, imagine you could work with dolphins, experience zero gravity, or even work in the Grand Canyon. Then imagine if these opportunities cost you little to nothing or even paid you a stipend for your short-term service, would you take advantage of such opportunities? Well, you can, and a new book Immersion Travel USA tells you how. The book’s author Sheryl Kayne will join the show to talk about the best and most meaningful volunteering, living, and learning excursions.

Immersion Travel USA, the book will unquestionably alter lives and the way you perceive American travel. This guide, which is intended to serve as a resource and inspiration book, offers useful details on immersion travel, unique prices, and how to organize and go on vacations, sabbaticals, side trips, and more. There are chapters chock-full of frank, endearing tales from travelers who have already done it all. While visiting a national park is fascinating, actually residing there for a lengthy period of time is an unforgettable experience.

By traveling the country on a bike and constructing homes, you can benefit others and have fun. Discover the skill of building a real Windsor chair. Live in a lighthouse and work as a caregiver. concern for bringing the wolf back to its natural habitat. Play while trekking and camping in the High Sierra Mountains.

Then, New York Times bestselling author Patricia Schultz will join the show to talk about her book 1000 Places to See Before You Die and will help listeners discover the many treasures that our world has to offer both legendary and unsung; places that should be included on our bucket list of travel wishes.

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