Soccer and a “Survivor” Against Domestic Violence

Soccer and a “Survivor” Against Domestic Violence


Aired on June 6, 2010

Fans of the CBS prime-time reality show, Survivor will remember contestant Becky Lee from the 2006 Cook Islands season. She took her prize money and created Becky’s Fund, to raise awareness about domestic violence. Becky will talk about her social mission with the fund, and share some tips for making it on Survivor. Then, we’ll share how the game of soccer is promoting global citizenship and transforming lives with guest Lawrence Cann, the founder and CEO of Street Soccer USA, who has made soccer a force for social change.

Lawrence Cann with Street Soccer USA

Lawrence Cann intended to volunteer for a month at a homeless services center in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2002. The Street Soccer USA venture, for which Lawrence is the Founder and CEO, has grown from 1 program in Charlotte, North Carolina to 18 cities across the United States. Under his leadership, the organization has established relationships a variety of companies, foundations, and both national and local social service providers. In addition, Lawrence and Street Soccer USA were featured in the Sundance film documentary film “Kicking It!” directed by Susan Koch, produced by Ted Leonsis, narrated by Colin Farrell, and purchased by ESPN films. In 2009 Lawrence was named a People Magazine, “Hero Among Us,” and a 2010 Hero Among US.

Becky Lee, former Survivor cast member

As a young leader and catalyst for change in the fight against domestic violence, Becky Lee is the force behind Becky’s Fund, a cutting-edge source of social change and public service based in Washington, D.C. In 2006, Ms. Lee agreed to compete on the acclaimed CBS prime-time television show “Survivor: Cook Islands.” The show’s premise was a competition to test the survival skills of 20 people for 39 days on an uninhabited island. As second runner-up, she used the prize money to start Becky’s Fund.

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