Calgary Stampede 2010 | The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth (Part 2)

Aired on July 20, 2010

Next to hockey, the Calgary Stampede is Canada’s most treasured sporting event. This video captures the essence of the Calgary Stampede, where you’ll find everything from Las Vegas-style productions and Broadway-inspired shows to thrilling bull-riding, roping, and even ice skating by Olympic champions.

The Calgary Stampede truly lives up to its reputation as the greatest outdoor show on earth. The parade and diverse food options add to the vibrant atmosphere. Our favorite treat was the delicious sausage wrapped in a pancake, and the mouth-watering pancake and bacon sandwiches grilled right in front of us.

We were also delighted to see the diversity in this sport, with talented Black cowboys making a remarkable presence. Watch and experience the excitement and variety that the Calgary Stampede offers.

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Join us at the Calgary Stampede 2010 and discover why it’s Canada’s premier rodeo event with World Footprints.

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