Transformational Travel and Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite

Transformational Travel and Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite


Aired on October 14, 2020

Author James Whittaker joins World Footprints with inspiring lessons from transformational thinker Napoleon Hill that is based on his 1908 conversation with billionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie. These conversations are annotated and edited by James Hill in his new book Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite: How to Unlock The Awesome Power of You.

James is a Napoleon Hill scholar and more than a century after the Hill-Carnegie conversation, he worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation on the release of Mental Dynamite to remind people that there are simple solutions to the problems troubling us most, everything from relationships and education to homelessness and even democracy.

Every thought becomes a part of our character. Therefore, in due time, we remove all self-imposed limitations, and then we find ourselves on the highway to achievement, with nothing in our way.

Andrew Carnegie

James uses complementary annotations throughout the epic Hill-Carnegie conversation that formed Hill’s best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich, to offer a journey of self-exploration using Carnegie’s three principles: self-discipline, learning from defeat, and the golden rule.  He demonstrates that the transformation that takes place through these lessons is similar to the mindset shift that travel affords.  

Learn about the genesis of fear. Understand how to excel in any circumstance including today’s challenges. Hear why the transformative power of travel is part of Andrew Carnegie’s Mental Dynamite formula.

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