Traveling according to your Zodiac sign

Traveling according to your Zodiac sign

Zodiac Clock

Aired on November 16, 2020

What can your zodiac sign tell you about where you should travel and what destinations you are compatible with? If you’re looking to get a jump-start on your travel planning in the coming months hear what intuitive astrologer Haley Comet has to say before you start charting your journey.

Haley combines Western astrology and positive psychology in her specialty of transpersonal astrology—believing we can use our free will and the harmony of energy that vibrates without our birth chart to co-create dream lives. She will tell us how we can align our zodiac sign and follow the stars to chart our future travels and find what World Footprints calls our “soul country”.

Tune in to World Footprints to find the best destinations to travel to according to your zodiac sign. This Astrology-driven travel episode is heavenly and it will take you out of this world.

  • Haley Comet and planets
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Haley Comet and planets

Haley Comet of Haley Comet Astrology is an astrologer based in San Diego, Calif. She’s the lead astrologer of NUiT App Astrology Match & Date, a connection app that leverages a robust natal chart algorithm to generate data-backed insights on compatibility. She was named after a comet and born at the peak of the full moon, so becoming an astrologer was quite literally written in the stars for her.

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