Discovering ‘The Great Indoors’ with travel photographer and writer of Erin Outdoors

Aired on May 25, 2020

How does a travel writer and photographer keep the spirit of travel alive when COVID-19 has us stuck at home? She uses household items to build outdoor scenes–mountains, lakes, canyons and oceans–to create a photo series called “The Great Indoors“.

Erin Sullivan of Erin Outdoors took us on a tour around her miniature adventures. She also revealed what her “soul country” is. That is a term we created to describe a country that really speaks to your soul.

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Erin Sullivan of Erin Outdoors
Erin Sullivan is a photographer and writer passionate about the outdoors, meaningful travel, and living deliberately. She uses her platform, Erin Outdoors, to show the beauty and complexity of the world we live in, and to encourage genuine connection to the outdoors, culture, people and wildlife.

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