Rajmohan Gandhi at the Embassy of Switzerland | Part 1

Aired on September 16, 2010

Rajmohan Gandhi, a true global citizen and a great friend of World Footprints, continues to carry on the remarkable legacy of his grandfather, the late Mahatma Gandhi. Rajmohan Gandhi serves as President of the non-profit organization Initiatives of Change (IofC), dedicated to building trust across the world’s divides.

On this special evening, the Embassy of Switzerland hosted Initiatives of Change at a private reception held at the Ambassador’s residence. During Part 1 of this event, Rajmohan Gandhi shared inspiring stories about IofC’s facility in Caux, Switzerland, and his first impressions of both Switzerland and the United States. He recounted his impactful encounters with influential figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and then-Senator John Kennedy.

Rajmohan Gandhi, staying true to his grandfather’s legacy, spoke passionately about his hopes for humanity and his vision for the future. He emphasized the importance of peace, understanding, and global cooperation, reflecting on how these principles can guide mankind towards a brighter future.

World Footprints is honored to present this enlightening event, highlighting Rajmohan Gandhi’s dedication to fostering change and promoting the values of peace and unity.

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Join us for Part 1 of this insightful two-part series, as we delve into the legacy of Rajmohan Gandhi at the Embassy of Switzerland and explore his enduring commitment to peace and global change. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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