Remembering 9/11: Inside the Pentagon Chapel and Memorial

Aired on September 11, 2011

On September 11, 2001, acts of terrorism claimed thousands of precious lives at the World Trade Center in New York, a field in Shanksville, PA, and at the Pentagon.

Within the grounds of the Pentagon, there are many poignant reminders of our loved ones, friends, and colleagues. World Footprints was honored to experience the tranquility of the Pentagon Chapel and Memorial, where the spirit of remembrance is deeply felt.

The Chapel and Memorial provide a serene space for reflection, surrounded by artistic expressions of our nation’s love, such as the handmade quilts that symbolize unity and remembrance. These artistic tributes beautifully capture the collective grief and enduring love of a nation forever united in memory.

For more stories of remembrance and reflection, visit World Footprints.

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Join us in remembering 9/11 and honoring the memories of those we lost at the Pentagon Chapel and Memorial.

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