Reno River Festival 2010 | A Day with Archie and the Acers

Aired on April 11, 2010

We had an amazing time at this year’s Reno River Festival, soaking in all the vibrant activities and attractions this great town has to offer. From its beautiful riverfront and the thrilling National Automobile Museum to the stunning landscapes and one of the BEST culinary scenes in the world, Reno truly has it all.

During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Reno, who humorously remarked that he was too robust to fit in a kayak. We also cheered on the Acers as they won their game, with their quirky mascot Archie adding to the fun. Archie’s appearance, especially his controversial tongue, remains a mystery and a topic of conversation in the community.

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Join us at the Reno River Festival 2010 and discover the charm and excitement of Reno with World Footprints.

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