The Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee | A Journey Back in Time

Aired on July 18, 2008

In 2010, we traveled to Milwaukee and experienced one of the final editions of “The Great Circus Parade,” a cherished event in the city’s history. Every year, the legendary actor Ernest Borgnine donned face paint, clown shoes, and his natural smile to lead this iconic parade. We were incredibly fortunate to witness this spectacular event and meet Ernest and his lovely wife. Ian even had the unique opportunity to perform in the circus!

The Great Circus Parade, which began in the 1960s, was a beloved tradition that celebrated Milwaukee’s rich circus heritage. The parade featured ornate circus wagons, vibrant performers, and enthusiastic crowds, bringing the magic of the circus to the streets. However, due to rising costs and logistical challenges, the parade was held intermittently and eventually saw its final performance in 2009, making our 2010 experience even more special as a commemorative event.

This video was created shortly before we rebranded our show from Travel’n On to World Footprints, reflecting our evolving mission of promoting socially responsible travel and cultural exploration.

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Journey back in time with us to experience the magic of The Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee, a celebration of circus history and community spirit.

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