BOOK CLUB: A Far Cry From Sunset

BOOK CLUB: A Far Cry From Sunset

A far cry from sunset

Aired on March 16, 2013

A far cry from sunset
A far cry from sunset

Can 4 friends travel through 5 countries on two continents to get 10 major music artists to appear on a tribute album to 1 unknown songwriter?  That is the question we’ll have answered with today’s Book Club reading, A Far Cry From Sunset. The unknown songwriter is our book’s author, Billy Franks. The first chapter has Billy admitting that he is a man whose dreams didn’t come true. The latter chapters describe a verbal altercation with singer Bryan Adams and everything in between offers a cross between science fiction, suspense, and comedy relief.  Did Billy Frank and his friends achieve their goal or did they realize unexpected dreams?  Tune in to hear the answer to this question and others like:

  • When did Billy Frank’s lifelong friendship with Prince Harry begin? 
  • Did Billy Frank and his friends actually steal from Led Zeppelin?
  • What was the biggest lesson he learned while traveling around the world?

If you’d like to experience more of Billy Frank’s journey click here to purchase A Far Cry From Sunset

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