BOOK CLUB: The Long Ride & Children’s book club

BOOK CLUB: The Long Ride & Children’s book club

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Aired on May 24, 2014

World Footprints brings back the story of “The Long Ride” and our first children’s book club review.

In an effort to raise awareness about the plight of the rainforest, author Lucian Spataro Jr. sets off on a cross-country journey by horseback.  He shares his journey in his photo journal book “The Long Ride.”

The Long Ride is a vivid, sweeping and passionate story about a modern day adventure that puts you firmly in the saddle, on the back of a beautiful Arabian horse, and sets you upon a record-setting ride through small towns and big cities across America.

With hundreds of photos from Spataro’s collection and historic sources, The Long Ride is a beautiful chronology of a place in time when three horses and a team of people were doing the “right thing” against very long odds; their perseverance is even more inspiring today, twenty years later.

In our first children’s book club we learned about the mis-adventures of a kid named Samuel in Lynn Glaze’s book “Samuel Sails ‘Round the Horn.”  We even received a history lesson about the Gold Rush.

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