Inside Africa Conservation, Yellowstone, Uganda and Return to Glow

Inside Africa Conservation, Yellowstone, Uganda and Return to Glow

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Aired on July 30, 2017

Today on World Footprints we will examine some troubling realities of Western conservation efforts in Africa; we’ll connect with life in Italy; take a glimpse inside of Uganda and we’ll hear about the People of Yellowstone. 

In her provocative new book:  White Man’s Game, author Stephanie Hanes examines the larger problems that arise when Westerners try to “fix” complex problems in developing countries, acting with the best intentions yet often overlooking the wishes of the local population. In White Man’s Game, Stephanie find herself tracing an unexpected storyline of the tangled history of Western missionaries, explorers and do-gooders in Africa.


Throughout the centuries Italy has drawn travelers to its peninsula like a magnetic force.  There’s something so magical and inspiring about Italy.  It’s a country where people go to create, reflect and feel alive, like author Chandi Wyant.  For Chandi, she first found what she describes as her “glow” in Italy and later rediscovered it along the Via Francigena when she walked alone on a 265-mile stretch of this ancient route to Rome.  Chandi joins us from Luca, Italy to share her pilgrimage of transformation that is chronicled in her book, Return to Glow.


Sir Winston Churchill once wrote that, “Uganda is a fairy-tale. You climb up a railway instead of a beanstalk, and at the end there is a wonderful new world”.   There’s a reason why Uganda is known as “the Pearl of Africa”.  The country is beautiful and green; the scenery is breathtaking and after years of turmult Uganda is relatively stable despite allegations of government corruption.  According to Uganda Tourism Minister Stephen Asiimwe, the country is no longer marred by the legacy of Idi Amin, but today has a new narrative that is welcoming to visitors from around the world.

Cover by Steve Horan

In their new book, the People of Yellowstone, photographer Steve Horan and writer Ruth Crocker, share the real life stories and portraits of 87 individuals from volunteers to scientists and park rangers to trail guides—all who are dedicated to the preservation of wilderness and offer us a unique glimpse into Yellowstone National Park through their eyes.  Indeed, for writer Ruth Crocker who joins us from Connecticut, the People of Yellowstone project deepened her appreciation for our National Parks.

Join us as we go inside conservation efforts in Africa, learn about the People of Yellowstone, explore Uganda and hear how one author found her glow in Italy. We’ll also visit Florida’s Treasure Coast and the State of Maine…on World Footprints radio with Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick.

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