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Controlling the Narratives on Race, Transformation and Travel

Black man reading

Do you wonder who will tell your story and how you’ll be portrayed?  How can you control your narrative?  Why should we be concerned with uncovering the full truth of our collective history?

Meet Ardre Orie–a social activist, entrepreneur, publisher, philanthropist and author who is on a mission to give marginalized voices a platform to speak. 

Ardre is the CEO of 13th & Joan Publishing and the founder of 100 Seeds of Promise, a literary initiative that empowers men of color to document and publish their own narratives.  She has ghostwritten for A-list Hollywood actors, Grammy Award-winning artists, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and countless other clients.  Her work has been featured on WH1, MTV, WE TV, Bravo, BET, Centric and more.

Ardre joins World Footprints to discuss the power of storytelling, narratives on race and, of course, travel. 

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