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Escape from India during COVID-19 (Part 3 Final)

Anietra catching the last evac flight out of India.

In Episodes One and Two of Escape from India during COVID-19, we heard from veteran journalist Anietra Hamper, who gave us a chilling, first-hand account of her time in India as COVID-19 spread through the country. Anietra and her guide, Ian Henderson of The Greatest Fish, traveled to India on a fishing assignment to write about a rare catfish called the Goonch, but the outbreak of COVID-19 left them trapped.

“…what power fear really has over us…”

Anietra and Ian had to rely on each other…others around them…and their own instincts in order to get out of India alive, as the pandemic overtook the country and paranoia against foreigners ran high. Anietra and Ian eventually escaped, and made it back to their home countries safe and sound, but not without experiencing the single-most terrifying event in their entire lives.

This conclusion of Escape from India during COVID-19 continues with Anietra sharing more of the roller coaster ordeal that took her and Ian from hope to hopelessness and back. Now she is confronted with the memories of the traumatic experience.


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