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Robert G. Rose

Robert G. Rose is a U.S. based media and social entrepreneur and founder of AIM Tell-A-Vision Group. Since founding AIM TV in 2000, Rose has produced 300+ episodes of television and negotiated partnerships with major marketers such as General Motors, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, State Farm, Verizon Wireless and many more. Rose is also an avid traveler and creator, producer and host of “Raw Travel”, an adventure travel TV show that focus on socially conscious travel and authentic cultural experiences.

Rose began his TV advertisement sales career in his native Tennessee before moving to New York City to work for Univison, the U.S. Spanish language TV network. After three years with Univision, Rose created “American Latino Syndication” to create English language, culturally relevant television for young, U.S. born Latinos who were not being reached by Spanish language TV.

From 2001 through 2008 Rose independently produced hundreds of episodes of the pioneering, nationally syndicated TV shows (“American Latino TV” and “LatiNation”). The award winning shows attracted 100+ broadcast affiliates, a cable network deal and millions in sponsorship dollars & tens of millions of viewers over the years. Rose went on to receive national recognition as an expert in Hispanic media and marketing.

Rose negotiated the acquisition of American Latino Syndication to LATV Networks in 2008 & began pursuing his passion of world-travel full-time. Rose’s travels inspired him to develop Raw Travel TV to fill another void in the marketplace, travel that did not revolve around high end luxury or focus on food, but authentic cultural experiences in a socially aware context. Rose reconnected with a small team of trusted associates from his “American Latino” days & they collaborated to produce Raw Travel, a fast paced, “rock-n-roll” type of adventure-travel-with-a- conscience show. The series showcases off-the-beaten path travel through sustainable travel (eco-tourism), giving back (volun-tourism) and authentic travel experiences. “Raw Travel” premiered in the fall of 2013 in cities all over the U.S. as well as territories worldwide.

In 2009, Rose founded a small punk, alternative and rock and roll music digital record label, “Punk Outlaw Records” which supplies some of the music and on air content for Raw Travel.

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