From “The Amazing Race” to “The Great Human Race” with “Raw Travel” and Dominica

From “The Amazing Race” to “The Great Human Race” with “Raw Travel” and Dominica

Dominica Fishing Village

Aired on March 6, 2016

Global Citizenship-Trafalgar Falls on Dominica.jpg
Trafalgr Falls on Dominica.  Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

Phil Keoghan is host of the multi Award-winning reality show, “The Amazing Race”.  We talked to Phil about how the show mirrors his life, his passion for travel and his commitment to give back to others.   Phil also shared how a near death experience inspired his mantra to leave “No Opportunity Wasted”.

Robert Rose is the executive producer and host of the popular show “Raw Travel”.  The show integrates voluntourism, social responsibility and philanthropy with pure raw travel.  Robert escaped the corporate jungle a few years ago and began sharing the gift of travel with others.  We’ll talk about our mutual passions for travel, social responsibility, his recent trip to Africa and our interest in connecting with our global community.

The Caribbean Island of Dominica is legendary for its unspoiled beauty but the island is more than a pretty face with pristine waters.  Dominica Tourism Director, Colin Piper says that Dominica also offers a rich blend cultures including the only remaining population of pre-Columbian Carib Indians.

National Geographic’s show, “The Great Human Race” explores the evolution of mankind from Africa to the United States.  Co-host and outdoor survival guide, Cat Bigney, traverses the globe uncovering mysteries and testing survival skills using only the tools that early man used.  Along the way, Cat reaffirmed that we all share a common humanity and that even a smile can overcome language barriers.

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