Following Dracula’s Trail, Paranormal Photography and Defeating Human Traffickers

Do you believe in ghosts or vampires? On today’s show you’ll meet two people that do—a paranormal photographer and a writer who traveled along dracula’s trail. On a more serious note we’ll also re-introduce you to our friends and partners at the United Nations Global Initiative to fight Human Trafficking.

Jason Dowd is an award-winning photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout the world. He is also a paranormal investigator, who has debunked possible “ghost sightings” and confirmed others through his own personal experiences—some which he captured on recording.

Steven P. Unger has traveled extensively in North and South America, Western Europe, Israel, and Romania. But his life journeys are even more intriguing. He was one of a handful of white students at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, and a member of the Bear Tribe, a California commune that tried sharecropping, goat herding, and living in teepees. So it’s not surprising that this adventurer also sought to discover the truth and myths behind “Vlad the Impaler” aka, DRACULA. In his new book, IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF DRACULA: A PERSONAL JOURNEY AND TRAVEL GUIDE, Steven reveals the history of Dracula in a surprisingly scholarly fashion.

Human trafficking is a real threat and it affects people of every demographic in every country around the world. World Footprints has joined several organizations that are fighting on the frontlines against this global crime. Our awareness and intro into the world of human trafficking started with our partnership with the United Nations Global Initiative to fight Human Trafficking.


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