10 Things to See in Mountain View, CA

10 Things to See in Mountain View, CA

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Posted November 10, 2023

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Mountain View, California, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a bustling city that attracts visitors and new residents alike with its unique blend of culture, innovation, and scenic beauty. 

It’s a place where the past and future intersect, offering a plethora of things to see in Mountain View that capture the imagination of tech enthusiasts, history buffs, and nature lovers. The city’s diverse attractions range from high-tech corporate campuses to historical sites and green spaces, ensuring there’s something to delight every type of explorer.

The charm of Mountain View is not just in its tourist spots but also in the quality of life it offers, making it a popular destination for people looking for a new place to call home. With its community-focused living, excellent educational institutions, and abundant greenery, it’s no wonder that many consider living in Mountain View, CA, a dream. 

For those captivated by its allure and considering a move, finding the best residential moving service to relocate there can be a crucial step towards starting their new life in this dynamic city.

Things to see in Mountain View stretch beyond the standard tourist trails; they’re part of the city’s vibrant fabric that residents enjoy daily. The city’s streets are alive with an entrepreneurial spirit, while its public spaces offer tranquility and recreation. 

Whether it’s walking through the bustling downtown, marveling at the advancements at the NASA Ames Research Center, or enjoying a quiet afternoon in one of its many parks, Mountain View embodies a lifestyle that’s hard to resist. And for those moving in, it’s not just a change of address; it’s an upgrade to a life full of potential and discovery.

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History of Mountain View

Mountain View, in its early days, was a tranquil town known for its vast stretches of orchards and farmlands. Over time, it rapidly transformed into the tech capital that we know today. This dynamic shift from being an agricultural hub to a tech powerhouse makes the history of Mountain View intriguing. The “things to see in Mountain View” span from historical sites showcasing its roots to modern marvels that portray its current global significance.

Must-Visit Spots in Mountain View

1. Shoreline Amphitheatre

The Shoreline Amphitheatre is an iconic landmark and one of the essential things to see in Mountain View. This venue is much more than a stage for performances; it’s a cultural hub that has been a part of the city’s fabric since the mid-1980s. With a capacity to hold thousands of music lovers, the design of the amphitheater, with its sprawling lawn and structured seating, offers a variety of concert experiences. 

Whether you’re lying back on the grass under the California sky or sitting close to the stage, each performance feels personal and memorable.

The Shoreline Amphitheatre’s schedule is packed with a diverse array of artists throughout the year. Whether you are a fan of classical music, rock, pop, or indie bands, the venue ensures a line-up that caters to all. 

This place vibrates with the energy of live music and cheering crowds, making it an unforgettable part of living in Mountain View, CA. The venue also serves up a variety of food and drinks to enhance the concert-going experience, ensuring a perfect evening out in the city.

2. Googleplex

As the flagship campus of Google, the Googleplex is a cornerstone of the city of Mountain View and a beacon of Silicon Valley’s innovative spirit. Visitors to the area are often awestruck by the vastness and the vibrant atmosphere of the campus. 

The Googleplex isn’t typically open for public tours, but the outer areas are accessible, allowing visitors to glimpse the daily life of one of the world’s most influential tech companies. The campus is interspersed with green spaces, sculptures, and the famous Android lawn statues, each representing a different version of the Android operating system.

3. Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum is a treasure trove for technology enthusiasts and historians alike. This museum houses an impressive collection that tells the story of the computing revolution and its impact on society. 

Through interactive exhibits, visitors can explore the development of computing technology, from the earliest counting machines to the latest advances in artificial intelligence. The museum is not only about hardware; it delves into software advances, internet evolution, and the individuals who have been instrumental in the field.

Educational and inspiring, the museum runs various programs and workshops that engage visitors of all ages. It’s a place where the curious mind can wander and wonder, making sense of how strings of code and metal components have shaped the modern world. A visit to the Computer History Museum stands as a testament to human ingenuity, and it is one of the things to see in Mountain View that leaves you with a deeper appreciation for technology’s role in our lives.

4. Mountain View Downtown

Downtown Mountain View is a bustling microcosm of the city’s broader charms. It combines a sense of history with the pulse of modern life. The area is home to heritage structures, each with its backstory, comfortably coexisting with contemporary businesses. 

As you walk through the downtown streets, you’re as likely to stumble upon a vintage bookstore as you are a sleek new tech startup. This balance makes Mountain View downtown not just a shopping and dining destination but also a place to soak in the local culture.

The city’s history is palpable in Mountain View downtown, with landmarks such as the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts a variety of live performances year-round. The area is also a culinary hotspot, offering a range of dining options that reflect the city’s diverse population. 

Whether it’s enjoying a cup of artisan coffee at a sidewalk café or exploring international cuisines at various restaurants, the downtown area has plenty to offer. It’s a snapshot of living in Mountain View, CA, where every corner has something new to discover.

mountain view downtown
mountain view downtown

5. Shoreline Park

Shoreline Park is an escape within the city, a serene landscape that offers a moment of peace for residents and visitors alike. As one of the most picturesque things to see in Mountain View, the park spans over 750 acres, featuring a wildlife and bird sanctuary, walking trails, and a beautiful lake. 

The park’s design caters to a variety of recreational activities such as windsurfing, boating, and golfing at the nearby links. Families often gather here for picnics, while fitness enthusiasts take advantage of the well-maintained trails for jogging and biking.

As the seasons change, so does the landscape of Shoreline Park, offering a different experience with each visit. The sight of migratory birds in the sanctuary is not to be missed; it’s a gentle reminder of the natural beauty that thrives in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

The Rengstorff House, an elegantly restored Victorian Italianate mansion within the park’s grounds, adds a touch of history and grandeur to the natural surroundings. Events and festivals are often held here, making Shoreline Park a dynamic and engaging environment for everyone living in Mountain View, CA.

6. Castro Street

At the core of Mountain View, downtown is Castro Street, a vibrant and bustling thoroughfare that’s lined with a diverse array of shops, restaurants, and cafes. This pedestrian-friendly street provides the perfect backdrop for a stroll, where you can take in the local culture and indulge in some retail therapy. The street vibrates with the energy of entrepreneurs and artisans, making it a cornerstone of the community’s economic and social life.

7. The Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

For those with a keen interest in aviation and history, the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum is an essential stop. This museum chronicles the storied past of Moffett Field, from its establishment as a naval airbase to its current status as a joint civil-military airport and home to NASA’s Ames Research Center. The exhibits, which include historical aircraft and memorabilia, provide an insightful glimpse into the area’s contributions to aviation and space exploration.

Moffett Field has played a pivotal role in the development of aeronautics in the Bay Area and the nation. Visiting the museum offers an educational experience, shedding light on the technological advancements and historical events that have taken place at this site. 

As a feature of the city of Mountain View, the museum embodies the intersection of history and progress, making it a fascinating place to explore for both young and old visitors.

8. NASA Ames Research Center

Mountain View is also home to the NASA Ames Research Center, an integral part of NASA’s research and development network. While some areas of the research center are restricted to the public, the Ames Visitor Center provides an educational window into the world of space exploration and aeronautics.

Here, visitors can learn about current missions, see models of spacecraft, and understand the complex science that enables humans to explore the universe. The Visitor Center features interactive exhibits and displays that are as informative as they are thrilling. 

It’s a place that inspires dreams of space and the pursuit of knowledge, highlighting the innovative work that takes place within the city. For anyone living in Mountain View, CA, or just visiting, the NASA Ames Research Center stands as a beacon of human curiosity and the quest to reach beyond our planet.

9. The Mountain View Farmers’ Market

One of the freshest things to see in Mountain View is the Farmers’ Market, a weekly congregation that’s as much about community as it is about produce. Ranked as one of the best farmers’ markets in the Bay Area, it’s a vibrant canvas painted with the season’s best fruits, vegetables, and flowers sourced from local farms. The market is a sensory experience, with the smells of fresh herbs mingling with the earthy aroma of organic produce and the visual delight of colorful stalls.

The Mountain View Farmers’ Market is more than a place to buy groceries; it’s a weekly event where chefs, food enthusiasts, and families come together to celebrate the region’s agricultural bounty. It’s also a fantastic spot to sample local delicacies, with vendors offering everything from homemade pastries to artisanal cheeses. Engaging with the farmers provides insights into the sustainable practices that make living in Mountain View, CA, unique, and underlines the importance of supporting local agriculture.

10. The Stevens Creek Trail

Outdoor enthusiasts will find their haven along the Stevens Creek Trail. This multi-use trail, stretching for miles, offers a scenic route for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists, winding through various landscapes from tidal estuaries to urban parks. 

It is not just a pathway but a journey through Mountain View’s diverse ecosystems. It’s also a peaceful retreat from the city, providing a place where one can reconnect with nature and enjoy moments of solitude or quality time with loved ones.

Stevens Creek Trail is also a haven for wildlife, with numerous spots for bird-watching and observing the local fauna. The trail contributes significantly to the city’s green infrastructure, connecting recreational areas with neighborhoods and promoting a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle for those living in Mountain View, CA. As a result, the trail is a living part of the community, a green artery that underscores Mountain View’s commitment to environmental stewardship and the well-being of its residents.


The city of Mountain View is more than just its tech companies. It’s a city that embraces its past while marching confidently toward the future. From its historical sites to the buzzing Mountain View Downtown, there’s no shortage of “things to see in Mountain View”. So, are you ready to explore?

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