5 Must-Have Travel Apps To Make Overseas Vacationing A Little Easier

5 Must-Have Travel Apps To Make Overseas Vacationing A Little Easier

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Posted March 2, 2019

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Organization is key if you’re going on vacation, and it’s extremely important if you’re going to travel overseas. Preplanning is a must if you want to have a good time while traveling. You need to have all your passport information in hand and carry a translator of some type if you don’t know the language of the country you are vacationing. With the invention of smartphones also came the development of apps that can help you travel to and around the country you are visiting. What are some of the best smartphone travel apps you need to download to your smartphone before you get on a plane or cruise?

Passport Photo Maker – Before you leave a country, you must have a passport. There are certain picture requirements, and this app is the best way to get a DMV or post-office-like picture. It will take ID-regulated pictures, which means you’ll meet the requirements when you turn the application in for your passport.

Mobile Passport – Again, a passport is a necessity, and with the Mobile Passport app, you can make life a little simpler at the airport and customs. Airports that accept the travel app will have designated lines and registrations so you can quickly move around the airport.

Viber – Unless you’re on an international plan, it’s going to cost you a lot of money to make and receive calls or texts. The Viber travel app will cut down on the usage by using a Wi-Fi connection instead, allowing you to use the phone without the additional cost.

TripLingo – When you don’t speak a country’s language, it can get difficult to convey what you need. This is where a translation travel app like TripLingo comes in handy. The app will focus on translating things you say into phrases locals of the region you are in will understand. For example, if you visit Senegal, it will use French phrases they understand as opposed to France.

iTranslate – This travel app is all about versatility rather than colloquialisms. It provides users with an array of language translations. With a hookup to the smartwatch, you don’t always need the phone out to use the app.

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